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Handbag, Beach bag, Shopping bag, Cosmetic bag, Wallet, Handicraft bag, Bags and Wallets

  • Model No.:2000-2035
  • Made in:Indonesia
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Saving the World in Style~


  • Style:Shoulder Bag

Key Features

    • Nature Handbag, Wallet, Beach bag, Have  life with  nature in all seasons! Our Nature handbag, wallet, beach bag, shopping bag, handbag, clutch bag, sandals are made of nature Sew Pine tree leaf that is great for your wonderful life.  

      • Nature bag with long strap
      • Natures Splendor collection
      • Material: Sew Pine Tree Leaf 
      • Color: Nature
      • Finest quality products
      • Hand Wash and flat dry only

      Our other natural products: Handbags, Beach bags, Sandals, Cosmetic bags, cell phone case, Wallet, Placemats, Table runners, Tissue boxes and other fashion accessories.

      URL: http://www.taiwantrade.com.tw/nature

      ~~~  Natural Products ~~~