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Alphabet letters

DIY Wooden Carved Alphabet Letter Home Décor - 6cm Hand carved Wooden Alphabet Letters , Handcrafted and finished off in natural just perfect for any home, Name Alphabet Party Wedding Birthday Home Decor Features: * Nature Wood Carved Alphabets Letter * Nature's Splendor collection and

Natural Fan

Have life with with nature in all seasons! Our Eco-Friendly Nature Fan, Pencil case, wallet, beach bag, shopping bag, handbag, clutch bag, sandals are made of nature Sew Pine tree leaf that is great for your wonderful life. Features: • Natural Fan • Size: 34*24cm • Material: Sew Pine

Natural Hand Made Fan

Natural Woven Straw Hand Fan Natural Hand Fan Straw Fans Hand made Handicrafts 【Nature House】 a manufacturer specialized in a variety of natural materials and finished products, promote nature、simple、Environmental protection, In particular, use of many recyclable materials, Re

About Us

XACT ENTERPRISE CORP. uphold the spirit of promoting the natural, simple, texture of life philosophy, in particular the use of many recycled materials, reusable materials, design products, products more natural, more vitality, but also reduce the waste of resources. Natural houses practice the requirements of the natural material, the rigorous production process of the factory, insist on simple packaging, .... also pay for our earth how much snack, because we are part of the Earth.

Our company set up factories in Indonesia, specializing in the production of some of the natural wind of daily necessities, such as palm leaves and lotus stems, Lin grass weaving and other table mats, tablecloths, sandals, handbags, other uses of small bags, We also accept OEM design orders, the Taiwan market is currently in the tourist attractions sales. Welcome to the product album, there is a need for our services, please contact us!

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